• The Best project for year 2016
  • The Best project for year 2016
  • The Best project for year 2016
  • The Best project for year 2016


    One of the Board's functions is to conduct professional examinations in Architecture and Quantity Surveying .The Board conduct profesional registration examinations in architecture and quantity surveying.

    • The candidates who will meet the entry requirements will be allowed to sit for the examinations
    • Application form for professional examinations shall be obtainable from the Registrar upon payment of a prescribed application fee to the Board
    • Duly completed application forms must be submitted to the Board not later than 120 days before the date for examination
    • Applications received after thid date but not latter than 90 days before the examination date shall be accepted subject to payment of a penalt of 20% of the examination fee
    • Application received within 90 days before the date of commencement of examinations session shall not be considered from examinations in that session
    • The examination application form shall be enclosed with:-
      (a) Two recent passport size photograph of the applicant duly signed by the applicant at the back
      (b) Certified photocopies of all certificates of relevant to the applied examinations
      (c) Evidance of two years practical professional expirience including a letter from the candidate's training supervisor and firm where the candidate had been working
    • Prior to being allowed to attempt the examination the candidate must have the following qualifications:-
      (a) Possess the minimum qualifications prescribed for particular level of examination
      (b) Pay the appropriate examination fees prescribed by the Board
    • The Candidate for Architecture must hold a degree or equivalent qualifications in Architecture obtained after minimum of five years of training in recognised training Institution and must have a minimum of two years post graduate supervised training in an architectureal firm.
    • A candidate for Quantity Surveying:-
      (a) for intermediate level must hold a diploma in quantity surveying obtained from an academic training Institute recognised by the Board.
      (b) for Final Level, must have a minimum of two years post graduate supervised training in a quantity surveying firm, and (i) must have passed the intermediate examinations Or; (ii) hold a degree or equivalent qualifications in quantity surveying obtained after minimum of three years of training in a training Institution recognised by the Board.
    • The practical training report required for Architects, and, expirience acquired report for quantity surveyors, shall be submitted to the Board in duplicate not later 90 days before the commencement of examination session.
    • Assessment of the logbooks and practical training report shall be made after the submission and an oral interview will be held before the beginning of the written papers and passing the oral interview shall be a precondition for attempting the written papers.
    • The examination fees shall be paid immediately after the candidate has been approved to attempt the examinations
    • Candidates for the final level examinations shall pay 25% of the examination fees on being approved to attempt the examinations. Whereas the remainder fee shall be paid after the candidates clears the and practical training report for Architects and experience acquired report for quantity surveyors.
    • Postponement of examination shall be by writing a letter to the Board giving reasons thereof. If in the openion of the Board a candidate postpones examination without satisfactory reason he shall forfeit the paid up examination fees
    • Candidates found to have satisfactory reasons for postponing the examinations shall be required to pay for any difference of fees between the current and the paid up amount.
    • Candidates shall not allowd to withdraw from individual subjects; withdraw shall be for the whole examination and candidates who withdraw from the examination shall forfeit their paid up examination fees.
    • Any candidate who fails three or more subjects at the Intermediate level examination in quantity surveying shall be required to re-sit the whole examination.
    • A candidate who fails two subjects at final level shall be required to re-sit the whole examination.
    • Where a candidate has failed in not more than two subjects at Intermediate level in quantity surveying shall be required to re-sit the failed subjects and where a candidate has failed in one subject at the Final level will be required to re-sit that subject.
    • Any candidate is required to clear the referred subjects within three years after the announcement of the results of the examination for which the candidate was reffered, after the expiry of this preiod , the candidate shall be required to repeate the whole examination.
    • A candidate shall be allowed to re-sit failed subjects three times only and candidate who does not clear the failed subjects in three re-sits shall be required to attempt the whole examination.
    • The results of the examination will be treated on pass or fail basis with pass mark of 50% and will be communicated to every candidate soon after the Board has approved them.