Board secretariat

Day to day activities of the Board are carried out by the Secretariat under leadership of the Registrar who is assisted by Assistant Registrar Technical and Assistant Registrar Finance and
Administrarion. The following commitees and sub commitees were establlished with a view of
enhancing the operations of the Board:

  • Education and Training sub comittee.
  • Professional Practice sub comittee
  • Finance and Administration sub comittee
  • Public Advisory and Public Relations sub comittee
  • General Purpose sub comittee

Current secretariat staff

Arch Jehad A. Jehad Registrar
QS. Albert Munuo Asst Registrar - Technical
Mr. Angelo Ngala Asst Registrar Finance & Administration
Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed Principal Legal Officer
QS. Bundala Mashaka Robert Principal Registration Officer
Mr. Simeon Kalugalila Weja Principal Training Officer I
Arch. Joseph Frank Ringo Principal Enforcement Officer II
Arch. Mlezi Ramadhani Makuka Principal Research Officer II
Mrs. Adelline Helleni Mkwiche Office Management Secretary I
Mrs. Mariam Lukiano Chiponde Senior Accountant II
Mr. Sixbert John Mollel Senior Records Management Asst. II
Mrs. Adelphina Masawe Maina Senior Office Attendant II
Mr. Masatu Mwita Magambo Senior Receptionist II
Mr. Tumaini Zakayo Kusaga Driver II

Eastern zone

Arch. Hamis Yusufu Kileo Senior Enforcement Officer I

northen zone

Arch. Flavian Florian Rugaimukamu Senior Enforcement Officer I
Arch. Issa Pauline Lufungulo Senior Enforcement Officer I
Mrs. Elinipa Said Sumary Records Management Asst. II

central zone

Arch. Daniel Matondo Senior Enforcement Officer I
QS. Shangwe Eliamani Kambanga Senior Enforcement Officer II

Lake zone

Arch. Mussa Banabasi Gulaka Senior Enforcement Officer I
QS. Nashon Muhure Mwita Senior Enforcement Officer II
Mr. Lawrence Heneriko Gwape Records Management Asst. II

Southern zone

Arch. Ramadhani Maziku Abdullah Senior Enforcement Officer I